Reasons For Needing a 3 Way Tap

Often people ask why do I need a third outlet in my kitchen?
With many home owners now choosing to to improve the quality of water in their home – either by having a water softener or some form of water filter or purifier, this usually means having an additional outlet.

In the case of a water softener it is common practice to leave one outlet in the house on the hard water supply. If you leave the existing cold water outlet on the sink as hard water, it means that you will lose some of the benefits of soft water in your kitchen, for example all of the cold water that you use for cleaning in the sink will still be hard, thus you will still get the water marks around the taps and sink, and you will still be exposing dry skin to hard water.

In the case of a drinking water filter, connecting this to the existing cold tap would mean that you have a greatly reduced flow rate (water filters need to have a relatively slow flow rate in order for the water to have contact time with the media) and thus would take quite a time to fill the sink. Also you would be wasting the filtered water – and the capacity of the cartridge – for cleaning which does not need such high quality water.

Having a third outlet means that you can have your normal hot and cold outlets with nice soft water and still have the extra outlet to provide hard or filtered/purified water.
You now have another choice.

Do you have a separate tap installed?
This is easily accomplished by drilling a small 12mm hole and using a small dedicated tap such as our popular Intertap.

Or do you combine all three outlets in one tap?
The benefits of a 3 way tap are:

  • You do not have to drill any extra holes
  • It takes up less space
  • Is more aesthetically pleasing
  • No need to try to match styles – it’s all in one
  • All the benefits of having the three supplies in one tap!

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