Frequently Asked Questions

Will your APL 3 way taps fit in my existing sink?
Yes it will providing your sink has the standard hole for a monoblock mixer – most do.

I live in a bungalow with a water storage tank in the loft and therefore I have a very low flow rate for my hot water. Will your taps work in this scenario?
Yes, although you will still have the poor flow rate due to the low pressure.

Can your taps be used with Reverse Osmosis purifiers?
Yes, all of our taps have lead free brass where it is in contact with the water.

I have heard that some 3 way taps allow the drinking water to mix with the hot/cold water, can this happen with APL taps?
No, our taps have a dedicated water path from the inlet connection to the outlet at the tip of the spout, thus
they are kept totally separate.

I have a combi boiler will your taps work with this system?
Yes, our taps are made to work on nearly all types of plumbing system found in the UK.

What if my tap needs service or repair?
This is available from your supplying dealer. They will be able to do this for you, or provide the necessary parts for you to do this yourself. APL taps are exceptionally easy to service and all the tools needed are thoughtfully supplied with the tap when new.