About APL Taps

APL are suppliers of quality installation components for dealers and installers of water treatment equipment. We have been in the water industry since 1982 and therefore have great experience in this area. The taps and fittings that you see on this website have been developed from our experience and expertise in this field and are specifically made for the UK market.

APL Cirrus and Stratus taps are the perfect answer for anyone looking for a kitchen mixer tap to work with their water softener and/or drinking water filter in their home or office. These three way taps (sometimes referred to as triflow taps) work perfectly with a water softener – to provide a separate hard water outlet, or with a drinking water purifier or filter.

A kitchen tap like this expands the benefits of this sort of equipment by keeping the hot and cold water separate from the drinking water, they have been designed specifically for the UK market and are therefore suitable for use with nearly all types of plumbing systems found in the UK.

Customers wishing to keep their existing mixer and have a separate drinking water tap are very likely to choose our popular APL Intertap.